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Here at Horner's, we have a great range of products and services just for you. Please do get in touch with us here if you can't find what you are looking for.


We dispense both private and NHS prescriptions and will give advice on how to get the most benefit from your medicines. We keep a comprehensive stock of medicine (maintained by our robot!) and use a fast and efficient wholesaler service to enable us to fill all prescriptions promptly. All our medicines are dispensed in childproof containers unless you ask us not to.



Our state-of the-art photo kiosks make it easy to preserve your memories, or to create gifts for that special someone. As well as standard prints, we also offer poster printing, canvas printing, a mounting service and photo gifts such as collages, mugs, calendars, photobooks and even jigsaws!

No matter what the time of year, we always have a great selection of gifts, cosmetics, toiletries and household goods.

In addition, we keep a wide range of over-the-counter medicines, as well as vitamin and mineral supplements. Our trained staff can help you to find a product to suit your needs.


We have a loyalty card scheme that is open to all our customers at Horner Pharmacy. Simply ask in either of our stores for a free card. You will receive one stamp for every £3 spent instore, and when your card is full, you can exchange it for money off your next purchase.


If eligible, your doctor can issue you with a type for prescription known as a Repeat Dispensing Script. They usually last for a year (they are therefore sometimes known as yearly scripts) and we keep these in the pharmacy, meaning that when you need the next installment, you just have to call directly into the pharmacy for your medication, instead of requesting it from the doctor and waiting for a prescription to be issued.


Why wait for a doctor's appointment? The Minor Ailments Scheme allows a prescription to be written in the pharmacy for a number of conditions free of charge. On average, the wait is less than three minutes - compared to two weeks for a routine doctor's appointment.


Currently, we can treat the following conditions:

- Athlete's Foot

- Diarrohea

- Headlice

- Jock (Dhobie) Itch

- Threadworms

- Vaginal Thrush

- Cold Sores

- Ear Wax

- Mouth Ulcers

- Oral Thrush


Please return all unwanted and unused medicines to us in the pharmacy and we will dispose of them safely.


If you need one of your regular medicines in an emergency when you are unable to contact your doctor, we may be able to help. We must stress that this can only be done in genuine emergencies and it may incur a charge.


Complete a short medical form online, pay a £5 consultation fee and then collect and pay for your medicines here in the pharmacy. Prescriptions can be approved the same day!

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